Saint Andrew Catholic Church

333 W. Lotte St., Blue Grass, Iowa 52726

 Parish Council

Welcoming Committee
Worship & Prayer Committee
Christian Service Committee
Faith Formation Committee
Building & Grounds Committee
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Council Chairperson: Janice Hill, 563-381-4223,
Finance Council: Barb Reiland, 563-381-3705,
Justice and Peace: Judy Matlock, 563-381-1028,
Parish Trustees: Barb Reiland, 563-381-3705 and Chris Rubley,563-594-9851
Parish at Large: Chris Rubley,563-594-9851,
Council Secretary: Shirley Schmidt, 563-381-2872,
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Parish Life Coordinator: Deacon Terry Starns, 563-381-1363,
Parish Council Minutes
Justice & Peace
Christian Service: Mary Nelson, 563-570-0455,
Faith Formation: Jay Matlock, 563-381-1028,
Worship and Prayer: Shirley Schmidt, 563-381-2872,
Building & Grounds: Mike Moellenbeck, 563-370-6423,
Welcoming: Kathy Elliott, 563-381-8185,
Committee Points of Contact:
Mary's Angels: Deb Ehrecke, 563-340-3902,
Knights of Columbus: Chris Rubley,563-594-9851,
Parish at Large: Janice Hill, 563-381-4223,
Vice Chairperson: Barbara Reiland, 563-381-3705,